Belly Dancing Hip Scarves

Are you looking to purchase a belly dancing hip scarf online? You are getting one step closer to finding the perfect hip scarf for yourself. Here are some things to look for before you make a purchase.

Size: Many hip scarves are one size fits all. You are able to tie them as tight as you would like. Watch out for children’s sizes, sometimes they come up in the mix of adult hip scarves too and they wouldn’t fit too well on adults.

Some scarves are longer (almost down to the knees) and others are only a few inches long. A shorter hip scarf is meant for fast music.

Coins: What do you want your hip scarf to sound like? Do you want a higher pitched ring or a heavier belt? Figure out how you will be moving in the hip scarf and what kind of music you will be dancing to. If the music is loud then you will want a loud hip scarf.

Colour: Purchase a colour that can be easily match-able too in case you decide to purchase a matching top or bra later down the road. If you choose silver coins now then you will need to match the silver to your jewelry.


The material also ranges from velvet to silk so choose a belly dancing hip scarf that works with what you need it for. If you are a student, go for something fun, longer and as many coins as you desire. Have fun choosing!

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