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Welcome to the Belly Dancing Apparel site.

When it comes to belly dancing apparel this is the place to be. You will be able to purchase belly dancing clothing from all over the world through this website with a few simple clicks.

Belly dancing apparel comes in many forms, colours, materials, weights and even sounds. Some apparel can be extremely intricate and detailed and some can be simple and plain. There are a variety of options here to suit your taste.

Belly dancing is not complete without an outfit. Your clothing should depend on your style of dance. A drumming style of music would be performed best wearing a shorter shimmy style skirt for fast hip movements. For the traditional Turkish and Egyptian music, perhaps a longer skirt would work better.

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Tops: Belly dancing tops are commonly referred to as bras. Some tops can be as intricate and heavy as the hip scarves.  There is always a variety of patterns of coins and colours to choose from. Of course, some tops are more revealing than others.

Skirts: Some belly dancing skirts are mermaid style or have long slits in order to show off the performers leg.  A very common material used for making  belly dancing skirts is silk. The layering and beading of a skirt can make your twirl graceful and beautiful.




Veils: Silk or Georgette (a sheer lightweight fabric) are the most common materials for veils. Veils can be used to emphasize a move, give variety to a routine, or cover the face for an intriguing look.

Hip Scarves: Hip scarves can come in a variety of different materials and colours. Your hip scarf  (if moved properly) is what catches and keeps the audiences attention. The weight of your hip scarf is determined by the amount of coins on your scarf. The amount of coins on a scarf is sometimes defined as tiers of coins. A series of 4 rows of coins would be referred to as a 4 tier belt.

There is always an option to purchase additional individual coins and add them onto a skirt for extra weight.

Hip scarves are also referred to as hip belts. 

Jewelry:  Bracelets,  anklets, earrings, rings, necklaces and head pieces can all make an outfit look elegant and complete. All of this jewelry can also be worn outside of performances. You will get lots of complements on the uniqueness and quality of some belly dancing jewelry.

Pants: Harem pants or geisha pants are often used. Yoga pants can also be worn and covered up nicely with a hip scarf.

You can pretty much belly dance to any type of music. Hip scarves might not even need to be used at times. A long flowy skirt could work well for a slower song with slow movements.

Remember where you want your emphasis to be. Your clothing should show off your mid section and arms but there are no strict rules when it comes to your belly dancing apparel. Your options are endless.

Choosing your belly dancing apparel (your tops, skirts, veils, hip scarves, jewelry and pants) can be time consuming but it doesn’t need to be, this site will allow you to get everything in one place at one time.

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